About us

Salsa Babies Ottawa

Salsa Babies Ottawa is the license owner of the Salsa Babies programs in the City of Ottawa. Our dance classes take you from BELLY to BABY and back to being a BABE again in no time, while our TODDLER and KIDS programs keep little ones coming back for more!

Our business was founded out of a desire to bring families together through dance, fitness and music. We provide a child friendly environment, where the whole family can dance together to the beat of lively Latin and international music. At our classes you can feel free to be yourself, share quality time with your child and be part of like-minded group of parents.

Our Instructors


Owner and instructor (Salsa Bellies, Salsa Babies, Salsa Tots and Salsa Kids programs)

I was born and raised in Venezuela, South America, a tropical country where people start to dance as soon as they start to walk. I have always loved dancing and have been involved with many dance groups over the years.

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After moving to Ottawa, I kept my passion for dancing alive by joining a Venezuelan folkloric dance group. I also discovered Zumba® classes at my local gym and I was thrilled to have found a fitness class in Canada that felt more like going out dancing with my girlfriends than a workout! From my very first class I knew I wanted to teach Zumba, so I became a certified Zumba instructor and started sharing the joy of dancing with everybody.

When I became pregnant with my son Sebastian, I wanted to continue my dance fitness classes, but I couldn’t find anything suitable for expectant or new moms. It wasn’t until I started volunteering for “Life With a Baby” that I learned about Salsa Babies®. Once again, I was excited to have found a new way to combine my passion for dance and teaching with my new role as a mom… It became clear to me that I wanted to teach dance fitness classes on a full-time basis and not just as a hobby. My passion for dancing and my desire to continue to support other moms were the reasons why I founded Dancing Mama. After one year in business, I had the opportunity to purchase the license of the Salsa Babies programs for the City of Ottawa.  Now, as the exclusive provider of these programs in the city, Dancing Mama is working under the Salsa Babies Ottawa name.

I hope you can join us. See you on the dance floor!