About us

Salsa Babies Ottawa

Salsa Babies Ottawa is the original provider of Latin dance / fitness classes for families in the Ottawa area. Our Salsa Bellies™ and Salsa Babies™ programs are perfect for expecting and new parents, while our Salsa Tots™ and Salsa Kids™ classes will get kids moving to our unique Latin Beat! For those who are passed their baby days, but still want to groove, the Salsa Seniorita’s™ program is here for you!

Our goal is to bring families together through dance, fitness and music. We provide a child friendly environment, where the whole family can dance together to the beat of lively Latin music. At our classes you can feel free to be yourself, share quality time with your child and be part of like-minded group of parents.

Dani, the Dancing Mama

License Owner and instructor (Salsa Bellies, Salsa Babies, Salsa Tots and Salsa Kids programs)

Dani was born and raised in Venezuela, South America, a tropical country where people start to dance as soon as they start to walk. She has always loved dancing and has been part of many dance groups over the years.

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After moving to Ottawa, she kept her passion for dancing alive by participating in many dance festivals and by taking and teaching dance fitness classes, while working full time as an Engineer.

When her family started to grow, she wanted to have the flexibility to continue doing what she loved, while also caring for her children. This is when the opportunity to become a Salsa Babies® licensee opened up and she took it without a doubt.

Now, as the License owner of Salsa Babies Ottawa, Dani continues to support families and individuals through dance and music in the City of Ottawa.